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Ella Luna is a 21 year old singer/songwriter from Denver currently based in Los Angeles. Combining intimate vocals, raw instruments, and intricate lyrical work, Ella has been able to evolve into her persona both musically and emotionally. 


In a review of her EP Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride in the Denver Thread, Billy Thieme writes:


 “Ella Luna pairs jazz and dream pop with a sincere & smooth indie lyrical and musical style that recalls up & coming artists like Lucy Dacus or Lindsey Jordan on first blush. But then she seasons that mix with vocals that lilt with tired tears just underneath her tongue at times, and with the vigorous power of an Amy Winehouse or a Norah Jones at others, but she always sounds real, and herself.” 


On her album Anything To Make It Loud  (Holy Volcano), Ella explores the journey of growing up, femininity, domesticity, and intimacy. The record creates a magical sonic space with swelling string sections, warm piano, and dreamy guitar, bringing the listener into the world that she has created within the nine tracks. 


Ella makes a point to work with other female and non-men musicians. The band that she and producer-violinist Gregory Allison put together for the record included drummer Elizabeth Goodfellow, upright-bassist Allee Futterer, trumpeter  Chloe Swindler, bassist Kaylee Stenberg, and saxophonist  Kaela Seltzer.  She invited her band to display their own independent style on their instrument to even better present the songs that she wrote on piano and guitar.


Ella's strength in lyricism and songwriting only grows as she ages.  Compare the focus track “Nina” from her first record with  “Laundry” and “All Silk & Satin,” from Anything To Make It Loud and one finds a more evocative and evolved  artistry in both the songwriting, and production.  Ella displays her classical vocal training  on Anything To Make It Loud  with strength in her low and high ranges, and again with her stacked harmonies. She also proves herself as an impressive instrumentalist, writing and performing  all of the piano and guitar on her songs.


Ella showcases her queerness through music in a way that is not loud or the sole subject of her writing. She finds a way to write songs about being a woman and loving women in a way that simply sounds feminine and the way she believes love to be: soft, sweet, beautiful, and simple. The way that Ella is able to capture her identity has moved many young queer women, from the release of “Nina” to now. Anything To Make It Loud expands on her identity as a lover, daughter, friend, and artist. 

Ella has been active in the Denver music scene since she was 14. While studying Vocal Music at Denver School of the Arts, she made her mark through being featured on local radio and in magazines, headlining at various local venues, and a live session on NPR.  She independently released Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride in 2020 at the age of 17, and released Anything To Make It Loud under Holy Volcano Records in 2023 at age 20. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2021, Ella has played various shows, including Genghis Cohen and Gold Diggers hosted by Sid the Cat. She has had the opportunity to surround herself with amazing artists and musicians, and continues to prove that she is worthy of the attention of listeners.

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